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“A Wealth Of Information”

I am so glad I purchased The Handcrafter's Companion.  It is a wealth of information. I really have not had time to absorb all the information and will have to take it slow but I am pleased with it.  I printed it out right away but I am so busy right now.  I plan to make Christmas presents and soaps and lotions for myself and my family. I hope to get started very soon.

Marjorie Scruggs

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“I’m Sure I Will Get A Lot Of Ideas”

I am very excited about The Handcrafter's Companion! I browsed through, and I will try some of the recipes. I am in the process of opening a Gift Shop, so I am sure I will get a lot of ideas from the books I downloaded. Excited about the candles as well! Thanks for recommending them to me.

Best Regards,


“Thinking About Using ‘My Own Products’ Gave Me A Tingle!”

I always love gaining new knowledge; especially from experts.  It's amazing how a little knowledge begins to grow exponentially - sort of like a wonderful potpourri. 

I'm kind of excited, too, because I think I have just learned about a place close to Houston that grows lavender. I won't ever go commercial; I simply want to do something nice for myself and friends. I also enjoy mastering new talents. Thinking about using "my own products" gave me quite a tingle!

Very best regards, and cheers, dear!

Jericho Walton

“The Valuable Business Tips Have Inspired Me!”

I love the Handcrafter's Companion e-book as I've always been curious about how spa products are made. The tons of recipes and instructions for making luscious soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and bubbles are wonderful! The valuable business tips have inspired me to try my hand at creating my own line of spa products. Thanks so much for writing this book.

Carole Lawrence

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“I Was Very Hesitant... But Since I Got It, The Recipes Have Been Fantastic”

I won't lie. I was very hesitant and I waited a while before I ordered. But since I got it, the recipes have been fantastic. I was very pleased with all that I had received. The information is helpful and very useful. I plan to do this as a hobby and hopefully transform it into a business eventually. But right now I'm just learning how to get it all together.

But again, thank you so much.


“I Recommend You Highly To The Whole World”

To be honest with you, even before I bought the e-book, the ideas you gave me about making products were wonderful. I made the body lotions for myself and it was fantastic.

I am compiling the ingredients and soon I will be able to come up with some great products. I recommend you highly to the whole world. All the ideas are so great that I can't choose a favorite; I like all of them!

Anne Onyangoh

“I Can't Wait To Get Started”

As you know I have only just bought this e-book (I bought both Handcrafter's
Companion and Candlemaker's Companion) but I am so glad I decided to. It is very informative and useful and has some great recipes and tips included.

I have a scrapbooking and card making website and have decided to expand into the spa products and candles. I can't wait to get started. I printed it out and have it inside a clearfile to keep handy.

I love the sound of the recipes. As I am also an Amor Aromatherapy consultant I will be able to get most of the items in the recipes through Amor. Thanks again for a great ebook. I will email a photo of once I have made some products.

Thanks again. Have a great Christmas and New Year.


Robyn Woolliams
Crafty Rose Scrapbooking and Card Making

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“Far More Useful Than... All The Other Books I Have Purchased Combined”

I just recently purchased the Handcrafter's Companion e-book, and so far I am very impressed. I am finding the recipes in this collection to be far more useful than the recipes in all of the other books I have purchased combined.

There are fabulous recipes and advice in here! The Handcrafter's Companion e-book is well worth the money. I spent almost three times as much money on another e-book prior to finding this one and I got absolutely nothing out of it.

These recipes will keep me busy for a while, but I hope Jane comes out with another recipe collection e-guide someday, because I'll be first in line to purchase it! These great recipes leave me wanting more! Thanks, Jane, for the wonderful resource!


Amy Lillevold

“Excellent Source Of Information For Making All Spa Products”

I purchased the Handcrafter's Companion because I wanted to make spa products for myself and family. I enjoyed the book so much I printed it out and placed it in a binder.

It is an excellent source of information for making all spa products. Thank You Jane for this great book.

Jo Ella Crummie
Conroe, Texas

“It Contains Everything Needed To Start Creating”

I've been searching for a comprehensive resource for several years and the Handcrafter's Companion is the best resource I've found. It contains everything needed to start creating. 

I'm excited about my new venture and can't wait to share my success story. Thank you Jane for your effort in pulling all of it together. A job well done!

Terry Henry

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