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“I Found The Handcrafter's Companion And Everything Became Really Easy”

I decided I wanted to try making some soap and other spa products as I thought they would make nice Christmas gifts. I looked on the Internet for instructions on soap making and was confused by the very different approaches. However, I then found the Handcrafter's Companion and everything became really easy.

The easily downloaded e-book was reasonably priced and contained everything I needed to know. I have now ordered some products and can't wait to get started. After almost being turned off the idea, I am now really excited about making some nice products!



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“Thanks For The Great Reference Material”

I am waiting for supplies to arrive but am excited to create some of the great recipes! There are a lot of recipes to choose from and all are very well explained and organized by category.

My first creations will be a couple of body scrubs, as those are what I love the most when going to the Spa.

Thanks for the great reference material!

Tamara Fry-Pietsch

“This Book Is An Absolute Steal”

What an absolutely fab book. I wanted to get started straight away, so I made some potpourri, which I gave to my neighbours and because of the lovely aromas I have already been given some orders to make up

This book is an absolute steal. Can't wait to get started on the rest of the book.


“I Bought The Book And I Love It”

I bought the book and I love it. I can't wait to try the recipes. Many of them look and sound wonderfully indulgent. Your continued help and encouragement even after I have bought the book is as excellent as it is surprising in these days when many people are interested only in the fast buck.

I would really like to begin using the recipes with a view to starting a business selling the products. My problem is twofold. A lack of time is a major factor. I have been in another business for many years. It has done very well but not without much hard work. This is ongoing, particularly with the current recession, but I expect to be able to make major changes in the next six months; offloading many of my current commitments. 

I am now at an age and a time of life when I need and want to make changes. My family has grown and moved away and I need a new challenge if I am not to atrophy or become bitter and twisted! 

I would very much like to get involved in manufacturing your spa products with an eye to introducing them into supermarkets. I have no experience in the area of manufacturing and marketing of products as my existing business is in property management and requires different skills. I really do not know where to start. I feel that the products are so good that they will sell very well if they can be introduced into the right locations.

My second problem involves selecting the right product or service on which to base a new business. With a view to going into a new venture I took on a few different things in recent years. Among them, I retrained as a life coach, became qualified in a number of therapies and also tried an internet business. To say they were dismal failures would be putting it mildly. Luckily I hadn't invested much money in these ventures but I lost a lot of time and energy. 

Of course I learned from them too. The main lesson was that the market is king. No matter how much marketing and salesmanship we do with a product or service, or how many different approaches we use, we cannot create demand that is not there to begin with. We can stimulate existing demand, yes, but we cannot create it. I am simply not interested in a business where a huge amount of time is spent on marketing and persuasion. A product should stand or fall on its merits, largely selling itself if it is good enough. I think your products will pass this test. 

I wonder if you have personal experience of manufacturing your products for a larger market. I am simply too old for standing in our local town square selling soaps to passers-by.
Perhaps you would have some insights which you would be willing to share. You have shared so much already that perhaps I shouldn't ask, but you seem such a generous person that I think you may not mind this request.

Warmest regards,

Maureen Moran

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“The Handcrafter's Companion Guide Is More Than I Ever Imagined It Would Be”

The Handcrafter's Companion guide is more than I ever imagined it would be.  I love the simple recipes and reasonable suppliers for the ingredients. I did my first test run of Lavender Bath Salts in decorative bottles and sachet bags as gifts and my friends and family enjoyed them. I was rather pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you,

Sedira Sanders

“I Have Always Wondered If I Could Make My Own Products”

I am a Beauty Therapist and have always had a love of beautiful handmade products. I have always wondered if I could make my own products and did try a few recipes but yours are great so far. I love the little blogs you send; it is very encouraging as I believe you love what you do.

Yours in natural beauty,

Catherine Scott-Hunter

“The Handcrafter’s Companion Has Become My Very Best Friend”

The Handcrafter's Companion has become my very best friend. Everything is so uncomplicated and easy to understand. In a short period of time I wonder how I ever did without it

My friends also think it is wonderful. It is nice to have friends in and everyone take part in a project as they make wonderful gifts.

Lynne Bowman, Las Vegas, Nevada

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“I Am Thinking Of Having Some Of My Girlfriends Over Maybe Once A Month Or Every Other Week To Work Together On A Project, Which Would Be A Great Way To Bring Us Together”

I have printed a copy of all e-books and have skimmed through them, but have not had the time to figure out what I will do first, though I am very excited to try out some of the items for holiday gifts.

I was even thinking of having some of my girlfriends over maybe once a month or every other week to work together on a project, which would be a great way to bring us together. In fact my Mom is suffering from bone marrow cancer and is going through chemo treatments and sometimes when you are sick, life seems so useless, so I think I can get her excited about making something. We will start small and see, God willing.
Thank you again!

Best Regards,

Laurel Tobin

“I Found Your Site And The Rest Will Become History”

I started making candles for gifts and a hobby (to stay out of my wife's hair while she was doing her school work) about a year ago. People liked my candles so much that they started asking me to make them some for gifts. This is the first hobby that has paid for itself. 

This year my wife and daughter asked if I could make some soap and/or scrubs.  I thought why not try. I have made some soaps and they turned out well. So the next thing was get some instructions on how to proceed further. Then I found your site and the rest will become history. I look forward to expanding my hobby, and if it turns profitable then that is even better.

Ronald Potter
POTTERWYX Scented Candles

“It Should Be Fun And A Great Ice-Breaker”

I've just downloaded your book and I'm planning to get together with my sister and a friend and all our kids in the next school holidays to make Christmas pressies.

We're really looking forward to it. It should be fun and a great ice-breaker for bringing the teenagers who haven't met yet together.


Rowena Coshan

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