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"You Have Really Stirred Up My Interest In Potpourri"

Thank you for the downloads; I know I will find them interesting and informative. You have really stirred up my interest in potpourri now, whereas before my main interest lay in learning about soap making.
Thanks for putting my website link up, I appreciate it. When I next contact my website designer with updates, I will put the link to the Handcrafter’s Companion up for you. It is nice to think we might be able to help each other with promotion.

Best wishes

Margaret Tanner

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"I Am So Glad That I Read This Before I Started"

I just purchased the Handcrafter's Companion e-book and I love it! It is put together so well and easy to read. I want to make Shea Butter products for an extra income and am so glad that I read this before I started.

There are so many wonderful recipes, tips on safety, labelling, keeping cost down. You did a great job on putting this book together and I love that I was able to read it that day! I just downloaded it, printed it and put it in a little pink binder! 

Thank you again, 

Sharon Schrum
Vallejo, California USA

"I Did Not Realise What A Good Investment Purchasing The Handcrafter's Companion Book Would Be, As I Have Gotten So Much More"

Thank you very much. I did not realise what a good investment purchasing the Handcrafter's Companion book would be, as I have gotten so much more. Have a great day!

Kind regards,

Linn Hill

"A Woman Can Feel Like A Woman Again Without Breaking The Budget"

Without the knowledge of our spa queen Jane, I would be at a total loss as to how to make soap and related body products, let alone quality ones. In this day and age we are after quality at a reasonable price, and again without Jane, none of this would be possible.

My clients have been delighted (as am I) with Jane's recipes. They are worth every cent and more. Please don't hesitate to purchase Jane's e-book. It is just absolutely wonderful. A woman can feel like a woman again without breaking the budget.

Sue Brook
King Island, Tasmania, Australia.

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“Your E-Book Has Opened Many New Doors For Myself And My Patients”

Heather here, I am in the west of Scotland, I am a herbalist, I have my own clinic and website and I am delighted with your e-book. It has opened many new doors for myself and my patients and I have already made several new ideas with soap, candles, lip gloss and balms.


Heather Martin

“I Want To Embark On A New Project That I Will Be Able To Do To Earn Money No Matter How Old I Am”

Thank you so much! Your customer service is outstanding and I appreciate all the emails. I got your e-book because I am a 61 year old woman that works full time and I want to embark on a new project that I will be able to do to earn money no matter how old I am.

This is an awesome service that you have. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Kind regards, 

Sharon Schrum

“The Recipes Are So Varied That There Is Something For Everyone”

I have never looked back since buying the Handcrafter's Companion. The recipes are so varied that there is something for everyone. The bonus lip gloss recipes alone are worth the price of the e-book and I am already being asked to refill pots.

Many thanks,

Anne Dodds, UK

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“When I Came Across This Book I Made A Decision To Follow It And Pursue What I Would Really Enjoy Doing”

I have recently purchased your e-book and I am glad I did! The information in this book is simple to understand and people like me who are working full-time really need this.

My aim is to earn extra money and to enjoy doing it. I am a person who likes to create, but my employment doesn't give me much time. So when I came across this book I made a decision to follow it and pursue what I would really enjoy doing and who knows, maybe it will turn into a business for me.

I obtained my certificate as a skin aesthetician and a nurse many years ago, so you can see why I would be interested. I believe we have to be the best we can be and this needs to be done holistically! I would really love to be able to work and have time to enjoy life's pleasures.


Leanne Robinson

“Being Diabetic I Am Able To Make The Kinds Of Soaps And Bath Oils That Keep My Skin From Becoming Dry And Cracked”

Handcrafter's Companion is very well put together and the recipes are all categorized for ease in finding the right recipe you need. Being diabetic I am able to make the kinds of soaps and bath oils that keep my skin from becoming dry and cracked. I am happy with the Handcrafter's Companion and all the tips that make it easy to learn how to make bath and spa products.

Peggy Belcher

Garden of Eden spa and bath
Somerville, TX.

“The Recipes Are Basic, Easy And Have The Natural Scents I Really Love, Like Citrus And Almonds”

I started purchasing more natural soaps, lotions, and body scrubs when our budget started to decrease. I didn't want to compromise on pampering myself as this is the one thing I do for myself. 

I was very happy to find The Handcrafter's CompanionThe recipes are basic, easy and have the natural scents I really love, like citrus and almonds. Now I have great ideas for Christmas presents this year too! I recommend this book highly!

Natalie M, Bristow, VA, USA

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