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“I Would Just Like To Say Your Handcrafter's Companion Is Full Of Great Ideas And Has Given Me Food For Thought As To All The Other Wonderful Things I Can Make”

I would just like to say your Handcrafter's Companion is full of great ideas and has given me food for thought as to all the other wonderful things I can make. I never even thought about making my own potpourri, but I will certainly have a go at trying everything out. 

A great little book full of hints and tips. Let me know when you come up with a follow on.

With regards,

Kate, London, England

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“I Am Very Glad That My Mom Purchased This Book So We Could Get Started Making Our Own Product To Sell”

I am very glad that my mom purchased this book so we could get started making our own product to sell. I absolutely love it! You have done an awesome job on it. 

After I had printed the book I went down and had it bound and a cover put on it. I look at it as much as I can and am going to get started very soon on making things for friends and family. Thank you again.

Denise Severson & Mary Ann Severson

“As A Visually Impaired Person, I Can Tell That This Is Something I Will Still Be Able To Do”

I haven't had a chance to actually try any of the recipes yet, but I love the book nonetheless. As a visually impaired person, I can tell that this is something I will still be able to do, and you have been most helpful along the way.

Best regards,

Jenny Morash

“It's All It Was Advertised To Be And I Can't Wait To Get Started”

Thanks Jane for following up on my purchase of the Handcrafter's Companion Handbook online. Although, I haven't started crafting any of the recipes in the manual yet, I did thoroughly look at its content and I am very pleased with it

It's all it was advertised to be and I can't wait to get started. I also loved the fact that you conveniently gave other business websites where you can purchase additional supplies

Again, thanks.


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“I Love The E-Book”

I love the e-book, the only thing is I have not had time to make anything though as I am very busy working two jobs and trying to set up my own hair and beauty salon. I am also trying to start up my candle and soap business which I am going to do as baskets. 

I am also doing cards, jewellery and so forth, but as soon as I have time, I am going to make a few of the things (well most of the things) in the e-book to put into the baskets, as well as selling them as an add-on to my salon for clients as last minute gift ideas.
Keep up the great work and the great ideas!

Mary Papadatos

“I'm In The Works Of Starting Up My Own Bath And Body Company And It Was This Book And Jane's Help That Gave Me The Knowledge To Get Going In The Right Direction”

I have been looking online for an e-book on making homemade soaps for quite a while and was glad I came across the Handcrafter's Companion.  Not only are there great resources provided to you from all over the world but the recipes are great too!

I think the best part of buying this e-book is that Jane emails you every once in a while checking in on you and giving you more information. You're not just buying a book and then it's over with. 

I'm in the works of starting up my own bath and body company and it was this book and Jane's help that gave me the knowledge to get going in the right direction. Thanks Jane!

Tania Dobin

“The List Of Suppliers Who Sell The Products Have Been Very Helpful”

I have recently purchased the e-book, the Handcrafter's Companion and I am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. Right now I am in the process of buying the items I need to make the lotions and candles.

The list of suppliers who sell the products has been very helpful and I am looking forward to making my own spa products for personal use and as gifts.

Madeleine Saviskas

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“I Have Had Friends And Family Try My Products And They All Love Them”

I can only say the products I've made have been lovely. I have had friends and family try them and they all love them. The recipes are easy to follow and I've been really pleased with the results.

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about trying the handbook to do so as I'm sure they will be as pleased as me.

Thank you.

Mandie Kelly

“My Kids ‘Steal’ My Bath Products To Take Home And Use”

I am so happy that I purchased the Handcrafter’s Companion and have begun to make a lot of the bath products. I have even had them ‘stolen’ by my kids to take home and use.

Thanks again for the wealth of information.

Pat Davis

“You Are A Fantastic Role Model For Business Women Around The World”

I like your regular emails and because you've been so great, I've decided to keep the e-book. I was interested mainly in learning how to make body scrub/sugar and have not (yet) found the ingredient I need for the sugar part.

Originally, I planned to request a refund because there isn't much more that I wanted to do, however, I want to support your way of doing business and your passion to help others. I don't have a lot of money to spend on a monthly basis but your business is worth it.

Thank you so much for all the recipes and the e-book, etc. You are a fantastic role model for business women around the world. 

Natalie Morris, USA

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